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Hi . I am Prashant Bhattacharji . I was born in Meerut ( India ) on 4th February , 1984 . Got entangled in the

world - wide - web in 1999 , and now a permanant resident of it . At the moment , I am a third year student

at IIT Kharagpur , staying in the Azad Hall of residence . I did my schooling from St. Mary's Academy , Meerut .

For those of you who wish to contact me my e-mail ID is : prashantbhattacharji [ AT ]

( I have yet to figure out how these spammers have concluded that the best way of advertising is to bombard mailboxes

with junk mail .... )



When I was about very young , I used to enjoy skating and reading . By the age of 12 , I had transformed into a

Video - Game addict . However I lost all interest in them and never went beyond the era of Doom and Descent .

In the ' links ' section you may browse through the various links I have collected related to topics of my interest .

At present , as far as reading is concerned ...... I read anything , right from O . Henry to Michael Crichton .

My vocab is still confined to 4 and 5 letter words of which most would not be worthy of being reproduced in

any written text . I can play / bang a few notes and chords on the synthesizer . Can sketch a bit too .

I like India Today , OutLook and PC Quest . I like programming too though I wouldn't like to make a career out

of it .





Home Page of Prashant Bhattacharji , Sophomore , IIT Kharagpur . Contains Resume , programs in Visual Basic , C , C++ , graphics in 2 D and 3 D .

Programs for : Eight Queens / N Queens using backtracking /recursion , heuristics . Program for Knight's Tour using Warsndorff Accessibility heuristic .