Welcome to Prashant's Page

Hi . I'm Prashant , from Meerut [ India ] . Here , you'll find all about me

my interests , my favourite links , the programs I've written . I am a 2nd

year student at IIT Kharagpur . Before that , I did my schooling from

St. Mary's Academy , Meerut . I know this intro is a bit dull but

you can see the 'About Me' page if you're interested . If you have time

to waste you can have a look at my blog as well .

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e-Mail ID : prashantbhattacharji@yahoo.co.in




Welcome to Prashant Bhattacharji 's Home Page . I am a 2nd year student at IIT Kharagpur .

The Indian Institute of Technology for those who'd like me to roll out the complete name . I am a student

in the Electrical Engineering Department , by branch being ENERGY engineering . I am interested in reading

any kind of stuff , and in Computers . This site contains all the info one may want to know about me and

some of the programs I have written . It will contain my resume by next year hopefully , when there's something

worth putting up .

Home Page of Prashant Bhattacharji , Sophomore , IIT Kharagpur . Contains Resume , programs in Visual Basic , C , C++ , graphics in 2 D and 3 D .

Programs for : Eight Queens / N Queens using backtracking /recursion , heuristics . Program for Knight's Tour using Warsndorff Accessibility heuristic .